❤️How to Tie Instructions♥️

How To Tie Your Waistbeads, Thighbeads & Anklets

What You Will Need : Sharp scissors, Confidence 
Instructions: 1. Take one end of strand in each hand (Notice each end has a Knot. DO NOT CUT UNTIL STRAND IS TIED)
2. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt.
3.Center and Measure where your going to place but do not tie and always leave room it should not be skin tight. 
4. Place strand on your tummy or hips at the preferred location.
5. Be sure that beads are pushed all the way back so the strand has no gaps. Gaps create pinching!
6. Cross strand (To make an X) at preferred location.
7. Create your first knot. Excess beads should be toward the knot which will later be your matching Anklet. 
8. Tie up to 4 knots to ensure a secure fit.
9. Cut excess string close to knot. 

10. Enjoy!Tie on your Anklet -Thighbeads the same way. 
For Video Instruction Please Follow

https://instagram.com/yogadivak On Instagram And Refer To The IGTV Tutorial 

 {BONUS TIP} If you are still struggling with tying, simply search on Youtube "How To Tie Waistbeads"
MATERNITY: Tie on Waistbeads can be worn throughout your pregnancy. As your journey grows your Waistbeads will rise to the top and eventually under your breast. You can leave them during delivery just make sure they are all the way up to your boobs and cut them as they will be bigger after pregnancy. Retie them to fit your new postpartum body.